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Be Your Own FUCKING Hero

Savage Life helps you conquer self-doubt, break free from external pressures, and rise above adversity in health, fitness, and all aspects of life. Empower yourself to be your own fucking hero and let the rise of the savage unshackle your full potential, making your untamed dreams a reality.


The Savage Life brand is dedicated to delivering quality products and services offering a range of workouts designed to deliver results. The brand's commitment to quality extends to its use of cutting-edge technology and specialized training, demonstrating its attention to detail.


Savage Life has a proven track record of delivering results, with numerous success stories, before-and-after photos, and testimonials from satisfied members. Our holistic approach to fitness, incorporating healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle, has helped individuals achieve their fitness goals.


Join a supportive community where you can achieve your personal and professional goals through results-driven programs. Our experienced coaches will guide you through self-discovery, cultivate a positive and solution-focused mentality, emphasize discipline, and ignite your passion.


Why Trust Savage Life?

we are our own MEMBER

We use the same processes and plans that
we give you, 100% of the time.

Our team of dedicated individuals has over 20 years of combined experience and a relentless pursuit of knowledge and improvement, setting us apart from the competition. Whether you're a hardcore fitness enthusiast or just looking to improve your lifestyle, we use the same effective methods and techniques that we offer to our members, ensuring your success. Trust in our commitment to delivering results and pushing boundaries.

Recent Blog Posts

April 15, 2024

Embracing the Future: Lessons from the Lotus

As we walk on the desolate lands of life’s challenges and transitions can often leave us feeling stuck in the muddy waters of our past. Yet, as the lotus teaches us, there is profound beauty and growth to be found when we rise from these depths. Let's explores the importance of moving forward, focusing on growth, and the transformative power of embracing change.

Shawn Lehner

Savage Founder
April 8, 2024

Relationships and Bodybuilding‍

This is a topic that actually gets brought up a lot to me, and so I figured it would be a great one to touch on. Some of you may not know, but my husband is actually my coach. With that being said, people have often asked me if it’s hard, or how do you guys separate personal life and business? 

Veronika Lehner

Savage Maiden
April 1, 2024

Brotherhood: Reflecting Each Other's Flight

Imagine, if you will, standing before a mirror, gazing into its reflective surface. In that mirror, you see not just your own visage but the reflection of your brothers beside you. Their triumphs mirror your own, their struggles reverberate through your soul. For in the meaning of brotherhood, individual destinies are intertwined, each thread woven together to form a collective narrative of resilience and unity.

Shawn Lehner

Savage Founder
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