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Savage Life was born out of adversity and a desire to create something with purpose. At its core, Savage Life represents the idea that no matter what life throws at you, you have the power to overcome it and come out stronger on the other side.
Shawn and Veronika with Kyle & Katie at their first show where Kyle brough home 1st place in 35+ Classic Physique
As the founder of Savage Life, Shawn Lehner established it in January 2019.
He knows firsthand what it's like to face difficult circumstances, having experienced loss and starting over several times throughout his life. He has also had a couple of close calls with death that have further reinforced his drive to make the most of every moment. Sleeping on a cement floor in the back of a shop he was running for someone else, with nothing but his cat for company, living out of a truck and going to the gym to shower,  might seem like insurmountable obstacles to some, but Shawn refused to let his circumstances define him. Instead, he used his struggles as fuel to create something meaningful and that actually had a purpose. He saw it as an opportunity to learn something yet again from this situation.  This very experience influenced his vision for Savage Life, as he wanted to create something genuine and authentic that would empower people rather than exploit them. Additionally, Shawn has worked for other fitness companies and individuals who took advantage of his skills and offerings and wanted to help others not experience that with a company or person ever again. 
Despite the challenges he has faced, Shawn has always been determined to create something meaningful with purpose and to help change others lives with what is known as having the Savage Mentality . That's how Savage Life came to be what it is today. 
At its core value, Savage Life is about empowering people to be their own heroes. Whether you're facing financial struggles, relationship challenges, or personal demons, Savage Life wants to help you tap into your inner savage and overcome anything that stands in your way.
To that end, Savage Life offers a range of products and services designed to help you level up in all areas of your life. From motivational apparel and accessories to lifestyle and competitive coaching and mentorship programs, Savage Life is here to support you on your journey to greatness.In addition to the products and services offered, Savage Life also provides valuable resources such as a blogs featuring articles on personal development, mindset,success, fitness and many other topics. Members of the Savage Life community can also share their own stories and experiences through testimonials, providing inspiration and support for others who may be facing similar challenges.
Savage Life is a way of life, it's not just another brand or movement. It's about challenging the status quo, embracing your inner savage, and creating a life that you love everyday.. By refusing to be defined by your circumstances and tapping into your inner strength, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Whether you're a college student trying to figure out your path, a single parent struggling to make ends meet, or a successful entrepreneur looking to take things to the next level, Savage Life is here to help you become the best variant of yourself. So let Savage Life be your guide on the path to greatness.
Are you ready to unleash your inner savage and take control of your life? Join the Savage Life community today and start your journey to greatness. Whether you're looking to level up your fitness game, crush your career goals, or overcome personal obstacles, Savage Life has the resources, products, and support you need to succeed. Don't settle for mediocrity and don't let your circumstances define you - embrace your inner strength and become the hero of your own story. Join us and start living the Savage Life today!"
Shawn Lehner
Shawn Lehner is committed to fitness with over a decade of experience in the industry. Shawn has a unique and diverse background in developing entire workout and nutrition programs for other larger companies, revising workout and nutrition programs, editing and establishing those programs, answering all the nutrition and exercise questions for those very fitness companies. After years of doing that he started doing it for his own soon to be company.  His love for extreme sports and passion for bodybuilding since he was a kid has only grown stronger, and being a multi-sport athlete through school was very normal to him. He further got into  fitness and health in 2009 after a personal health scare. Since 2015, it has become his primary career path.
Shawn has personally been on both sides of the spectrum: the guy trying to put on a bunch of weight and the unhealthy overweight person that needed to take bad weight off. With his vast knowledge on proper supplementation from working in that industry for 10 years, he has also worked in management for 23 years, operated gyms, and has been a personal trainer. He is a lifestyle and competitive coach, and he has a range of certifications ranging from nutrition to personal training, strength training, group fitness, hypertrophy training, powerlifting and mentoring with other coaches. He is always continuing his education through personal studies and research, applying what he finds to himself and experimenting, and currently working on the J3 University course.
Shawn's achievements in the industry are notable. He built a team ranging from lifestyle members wanting to be their healthiest and happiest to many nationally qualified competitors to working with IFBB pros on the team. They have been noted by many for creating a positive, safe, and healthy environment for their community and have been told that he’s changed people's lives from wanting to end it all to loving every minute of life with a new perspective on things. There was a conversation he had about 10 years ago stating that because of what he said to them prior, they chose not to take their life that night, and they thank him for that. This was a defining moment that he was on the right path. Many have said that his reputation precedes his name, which is humbling and years of work and dedication make it all worth it. He networks with some of the other finest companies or people and collaborates with them with Savage Life as a service or outlet.
(Shawn) wants to illustrate to others that they can do it just like he did, and it all started with being your own fucking hero. 
Shawn's skills and expertise are impressive. He has powerful words and actions to change and encourage one's mindset. He doesn't just talk; he leads by example and walks the walk. He has many perspectives on all outlooks of life, and his relentless drive in his own personal self-development and its endlessness of leveling up are notable as he shares and helps others grow in that way. He always seeks to increase his knowledge in various aspects and ways, research and execution of multiple training styles, extreme attention to finest details, problem-solving, and communication. His many years of experience in the field make him a well-respected and knowledgeable mentor.
Outside of work, Shawn enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, adventures, being a vocalist/musician, writing, shooting and developing videos and content, visiting new places, spending time with close people, working and developing more skill sets, endlessly networking with like-minded individuals, and living a life of freedom from the societal norm while developing more self-happiness.
Shawn's future goals include building and establishing a community based on culture, owning a gym based on that very culture, continuing to add more coaches and services to the Savage team, keep lifting others up to take control of their lives and unlock their hidden savage, building more leaders to help create more leaders to be their own hero, growing the Savage Takeover, and unlocking the true meaning of life for everyone he works with. He also aims to be able to and continue to not only grow this during his time but ultimately  leave something legendary behind for his wife and family when his time of the essence has run out. He wants to illustrate to others that they can do it just like he did and it all started with being your own fucking hero. 
Veronika Lehner
With a lifelong commitment to fitness, Veronika has been engaged in physical activity since a very young age, from running and personal training to riding horses. As she pursued her interest in fitness, she also developed a passion for nutrition, leading her  to attend her first fit expo in San Jose, CA, where she was inspired by some of the most incredible athletes in the industry.
Driven by their stories, she has spent the last eight years relentlessly working towards achieving her best physique and ultimately earning my IFBB pro card. Alongside her husband and partner in fitness, she has experienced tremendous personal growth, and it has motivated her to share my journey with others.
She is now committed to helping her  community achieve their health and fitness goals through personal training and coaching. Seeing her members thrive and enjoy the results of their hard work is the most rewarding aspect of her work. She loves being able to educate and motivate others to take charge of their health and embrace their own fitness journeys.
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