Veronika Lehner

Coach/ryze HRT wellness specialist and a bartender

Shawn has been working with me since 2019 and the changes have been astronomical! 

My goal was and still is to become an IFBB pro, and Shawn formulated a plan to completely recomp my body. With his guidance and instruction, we pushed calories to an all time high and completely changed my physique within a matter of months.

The one thing that really sets Shawn aside from a lot of other coaches is his health focus approach both physically and mentally. You could be having the most challenging and out of sorts day of your life, and he will be right there and help pull you out of that mindset. 

His professionalism and expertise and is extremely credible and remarkable. I’ve never had a coach who genuinely cared so much about my desire all while putting my health first. Highly recommend working with him, you will learn so much more about yourself and what your body is capable of doing.

David Usher

Lead Painter/Drywaller

It’s been about 2 years since signing on with Shawn. Now I’ve actually known him quite a few years longer but not on a real personal level. 

When I first talked to Shawn about coaching, I told him I wanted on the stage and I wanted to do it ASAP and naturally. Having never worked together, I’m sure he would have really liked to have some time to get to know my body and how it reacts to different things. That’s not what happened. The show has been picked and agreed on. We had a mere 13 weeks to be stage ready. 

Now this prep would be far from ordinary. A few weeks in my home life started falling apart, Shawn was there for it. A couple weeks later my father’s health took a turn for the worse, Shawn was there for it. Shortly after my father passed, Shawn was there for it. To call this a normal prep, if there is such a thing, would be a far stretch of the imagination.  To top things off I competed in bodybuilding and classic. At the end of it all Shawn showed up big and got me up on stage.Starting at 188 lbs and 10% BF, sounds a lot better than it looked. Then hit the stage at 163 and just under 3% BF. 

We walked away with a total of 5 first place medals and 1 second place medals. 

Now since then I have turned 47 years young and following Shawn’s protocol I’m sitting at 200 and holding about 10% BF and still growing. Shawn’s a special human and an outstanding coach. 

We’re NOT done yet!

Kyle Zoner

Journeyman Lineman

My name is Kyle 32 years old, husband and father of 3. Little back story on me, I was always the athletic type growing up and always kept myself moving and staying active with sports, I was never the person to just sit around and do nothing. When I met my wife we were always on the move, staying active and always doing something and then the typical life story happened, we started our careers, we bought our first home, we got married, started a family and sold our first home moved Into our forever home. Fast forward 7-8 years I found myself in dark place and unhappy. Everything I once loved and enjoyed doing, I didn’t care for anymore and I never wanted to do anything, I was always tired and exhausted. I was embarrassed by what I had become, I was embarrassed the husband I had become (my wife didn’t marry this) I was embarrassed by the father I had become, I was the father who was too tired and too lazy to take his own kids to the park to play. I was ashamed of the guy in the mirror.

December 2023 I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an old co-worker of mine that was posting progress photos of himself getting in shape, so I decided to message him and ask him how he was doing it and that’s when I was introduced to savage life. He sent me Veronika’s number and said to give her a call. I sat on her number for few days to think about it. I was skeptical about online training and finally said fuck this! If that fucker can do it so can I. I finally picked up the phone and spoke with her and she was completely down to earth, she understood my goals and she seemed confident that I would get there. Man she was right! We started January 1st with me weighing in at 245lbs and today April 16th I’m weighting in at 194lbs. 50lbs lost in a short few months and still going, I’m never looking back! I finally have my energy & confidence back, kids have their father back and most importantly my wife has her husband who she once knew back. I haven’t had this type of energy levels and confidence in years.

I owe everything to Veronika and Savage Life. They gave me my life back. I hope that 1 day I run into Veronika and Shawn in person so I can shake their hands and say thank you for everything they’ve done for me and maybe have a workout session with ‘em. I would recommend anyone to Savage Life cause what they have going works! Thank you savage life! Kyle

Jalyn Turay


I began working with Shawn about seven months ago. I had lifted for three years prior throughout high school. Nothing was ever truly serious, although I was in search of more. Education in the bodybuilding industry is one of the most frustrating things to search for. Once you think you have learned everything there is to know, you find other coaches and online influencers telling you differently. This is one thing that I was desperate for; someone who knows the business and wants to spread the knowledge through results. I began searching for a coach to guide me. I had reached out to a multitude of coaches from other companies, and was never contacted back.

Within the first twenty minutes of submitting my form to Savage Life, Shawn reached out to me personally. Immediately, Shawn went through my information with me and gave me real hope for having a future in bodybuilding. After graduation, I felt like I was at a standstill and would never go anywhere in bodybuilding. This one conversation switched that off and made me more dedicated than ever. Typically, when I have a conversation with someone over my real long-term bodybuilding goals, I was laughed at. Shawn explained to me the real potential there is and promised to guide a path to it. The first few weeks were so insane for me mentally and physically. There was a new wave of push that I made mentally towards being better. Within the first WEEK of working together, my entire body changed shape. I knew that I was trusting the right person, and I have been a part of Savage Life since. During these seven months, I have met so many amazing people, created a new mindset for myself, and transformed my body. Mental health plays a huge part in bodybuilding, and I have never met a coach who puts your mental health on the same level as your physical well-being. I’m beyond grateful for the knowledge I have been given, the wonderful friends I have made, and the insane never-ending transformation. Stay Savage not Average

Jeremy Hudson

Journeyman Lineman

I've worked with Shawn and Team Savage for two and a half years now (with many more to come) for two simple reasons: trust and results. When I first came to Shawn, I had basically been just spinning my wheels, not really mixing up routines or focusing on macros. I just believed in going to failure and eating "clean" foods. Shawn is a mad scientist when it comes to designing programs and meal plans. He has gotten me lined out, and that's where the results speak for themselves. We have accomplished a lot in the past few years, and that's mainly due to the trust I have in him. I know when I get to the gym, I can just focus on the plan and shut my mind off, not worrying about coming up with a routine. There is enough stress in daily life, so not having to worry about exercises, tempos, sets, and reps is a huge plus. I trust that no matter what plan Shawn throws at me, there's a reason for it. Shawn, in terms of metaphors, gives you the most efficient or quickest route to climb a mountain. It's not going to be easy because it's still climbing a mountain. If you don't get results with Shawn, the only person to blame is the man or woman in the mirror.

Kaley Gasvoda

Staff Sergeant Air Force

For almost 6 months now, I've been working with Shawn and Savage Life. Back in the early summer, I was in search of a new coach while I was two weeks into prepping for my second show. I happen to have some friends who have heard great things about Shawn's coaching and recommended that I reach out to him via social media. I ended up messaging Shawn about my search for another coach and what he had to offer. Immediately, Shawn was fully invested in trying to help out and it quickly turned into a two-hour phone call discussing everything from prep protocol to our personal lives, and at that moment it became an easy decision for me to start working with Shawn.

I am at a loss for words to describe how amazing my preparation with Shawn has been from the start to the end. Shawn went above and beyond my expectations as a coach. For once, it felt like I was more than just a client or a transaction.  Moreover, I felt like a friend, athlete, and even family to Shawn. In addition, Shawn was extremely detail-oriented when it came to my prep protocol and was more than willing to explain the knowledge behind it so that I had a better understanding. Shawn had me undergo blood work right away to examine my hormones and overall health. He was able to correct a lot of hormonal issues that I was experiencing based on blood work, and because of high cortisol levels, he reduced my workout workload. When I was told that I’d only be lifting 2-3 times a week, I immediately asked Shawn, “Is this going to work?” or “Am I going to lose enough weight prep?”. Obviously, he was more than happy to explain the reason behind it and answer all of my silly questions. I was confident in Shawn's coaching abilities, but this was a moment of trusting the process for me. However, the changes we made right after for the next 22 weeks were nothing short of incredible! In that period, we lost approximately 25 pounds and crushed my previous year's package 6 weeks out. Shawn's approach to preparing me by maintaining high food and low cardio for the majority of my prep was mind-blowing compared to what my previous coach had me do. Overall, Shawn made this entire prep extremely smooth, there wasn’t a single doubt in my mind that I wasn’t prepared for the stage, and fully trusted him with physical and mental health.

Upon joining Savage Life, I immediately felt supported and loved by not only Shawn and Veronica, but the entire team. It's not a matter of whether you're a new or old member, everyone is encouraging and genuine. Shawn and this team have made me feel extremely grateful. It's a truly special experience to be a part of. I am eagerly anticipating what the future holds for not only myself but also this team.

Teresa Mckinley

Personal Trainer

I am Teresa McKinley, personal trainer, fitness fanatic, natty, and first time competitor with Savage!

I started with Shawn Lehner/Savage Life just 5 short weeks before my very first show. I was in a prep I didn't feel was going right, I saw a year commitment to my show going down the drain, my expectations and hopes of how I would look on stage seemed too far off, so I reached out to Shawn. The care, commitment, and skill he put into taking over my prep and getting me ready for a show in such a short amount of time exceded EVERY expectation I could have! I stepped on stage, won first in my classes and took overall novice champion! But more importantly I felt confident!! I felt prepared and supported. I knew from that moment Savage Life was the Team I was meant to find. Shawn's attention to detail, enthusiasm, and support is UNMATCHED! I can't wait to improve my health, my physique, and continue to grow in every way as A SAVAGE ATHLETE!!! The sky's the limit, I trust my Coach 100%, which coming from a Type A Perfectionist, that means alot! Forever and Always, TEAM SAVAGE!

Matt Hanlon

Emergency Room RN

I have been working with Shawn for almost exactly one year.  My wife, Jennifer, had been working with Shawn well before I had any interest in building my strength and physique.  I saw my wife go through some incredible changes, and finally decided to join the Savage Life team.  

I was full of self-doubts and perceived limitations. I was 38, a recovering alcoholic that was 3 years sober, skinny-fat, and had multiple ailments such as knee repair, rotator cuff repair, and some lumber disc issues.  I thought that these factors would immediately make my efforts in the gym fruitless.  I could not have been more wrong.  Shawn understood my hesitation, and was able to tailor a workout program that best fit my previous injuries, as well as my complicated daily schedule and limited gym equipment.  (I live in Costa Rica now, so be grateful for the quality of gyms that the USA has to offer!!!)  I told Shawn that I would give this a 1 year trial.  I wanted to gain muscle, lose fat, and try to look lean while we did it.  I also wanted to improve my jiu jitsu game.  

We got right to work.  Shawn took me into a Recompphase.  The initial change was fantastic.  My body continued to improve, and Shawn kept my muscles guessing.  Some months were higher reps, while other months focused on raw power.  Shawn was able to answer all of my stupid, newbie questions, and did so without making me feel like a stupid newbie. He kept things light and fun, but never lost focus on our goal.  He isincredibly knowledgeable, and has helped me in more than just the weight room.  I am a healthier, better person now. And the bonus is that I also look the part.

In one year, I have gained around 14 pounds of muscle, lost my skinny-fat dad-bod, have a better understanding of the food I eat, and most importantly, I feel incredible!  My confidence is up, and it shows in every aspect of my life. Added side benefit…..My jiu jitsu game is WAY WAY better now.  If you are still reading after all this babbling, and you want to put in the work to change your body and your life, Join Team Savage.  They will help you get where you want to be.

Jessica Mescavage

Active Military Corrections Officer

I am Jessie Mescavage from Bayonne, NJ. Active in the army for 4 1/2 years as a correction officer. Although maintaining a weight and physical requirement in the military is required, I still found it hard to find the right balance and discipline to keep myself accountable to maintain my physical fitness. The long hours and constant need to be there for soldiers is not easy but I knew that it was time for a change and I wanted to be able to look at myself and find confidence again so I found Shawn.

At first I was very skeptical because just like anyone would think, ohhh another typical coach/trainer and I'm probably going to be told to do the same shit as always that doesn't help, but NO he LISTENED to everything I had to say. The good and the I talked down about myself and hated what I saw, hated how I felt everyday, the constant failure and giving up I went through. So I said fuck it and gave it a shot and here we are three months later. My gut health is improving. I'm feeling more confident in the gym and ACTUALLY seeing changes in my mind and body. One of the many things I can thank him for is giving me my confidence when I look in the mirror. He instructed me with every negative thought I had, to tell myself 3 positive things I loved about myself. You rock Shawn, thank you!

Jennifer Hanlon

Senior Compliance Manager/Mother of 2

I have been working with Shawn for over a year, starting in April 2022. I had the luck of his amazing wife and partner stumbling across my plea for help via an Instagram post!

I at that time had already started my journey towards my second show, but the coach I had was very hard to reach, did not take my lifestyle and needs into consideration, and put little to no effort into training alterations based on my injuries and equipment availability. I knew this was not a good fit for me, and a quick change was needed to hit the stage that year.

Luckily, Shawn was willing to take me on despite some limitations that presented with living in Costa Rica. From our initial call, the Savage Life Co. team felt like a perfect fit! A group of like-minded, foul-mouthed beasts that push themselves and their peers to the limits! It was a match made in heaven, and I haven’t looked back since! Even got my husband under the Savage Life Co. umbrella!

Since our start, we have built some solid muscle, hit the stage and took home some hardware, gained a better view of where I stand in the various classes, and set a plan to build out so we are undeniable the next time we hit the stage! My physique is literally night and day from where I started with Savage, and since that time, I have easily put on 15 or more lbs of muscle with consideration of a cut in between!

These changes aren’t all that matters; however, Shawn is not just about getting the look where it needs to be; he is even more concerned about getting your body in optimal physical condition to ensure your health is where it needs to be. For me, this has included lots of gut, hormonal, and general muscular issues due to a lack of proper stretching and bodywork. Sometimes, this may mean you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a show, but when you are, the results will be insane!!

That said, I am glad I have finally found a coach that listens to me, works around my chaotic lifestyle as a full-time working mom of two toddlers, and ensures that my health is a priority. Looking forward to continuing under the Savage Life Co. team as I work towards my pro card and beyond!!

Dallas Bricker

District Manager/Former Bassist for Brand of Sacrifice

Shawn went above and beyond to create a completely personalized meal plan and workout plan tailored specifically to my needs and goals. His weekly check-ins ensured that I was on track and making progress.

What impressed me the most about Shawn was his availability and dedication to helping me achieve my goals. He made himself available to me 24/7, and was always willing to answer any questions or concerns I had. He also took the time to understand my personal limitations and worked with me to create a plan that was achievable and sustainable.

Thanks to Shawn’s guidance and support, I have been able to make significant progress in my fitness journey. I highly recommend Shawn to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, supportive, and dedicated coach/personal trainer who will go above and beyond to help them achieve their goals.

Stacey Amor


I live in a small town and have known of Shawn through our gym community for a while.

When I made the decision to work with Shawn, a lot was going on in my life. After being in almost a one year extreme prep, stepping foot on 2 National stages, going through a reverse diet,and not to mention all the personal and private circumstances I faced during all that.


Prior to Shawn I had been with 2 coaches. I was done being a science experiment and just a number! In this sport you realize who is and isn’t right for you. Not every coach's method is in your best interest. For me, this was learned the hard way. I felt lost,unheard, missunderstood, and damaged. The doctors were pumping me full of medicine that was just making me feel worse.

After following Shawn on social media not only could I see how much he cared for his clients, I could see how much they cared for him…for each other! The more research I did on him and his clients, I realized he wasn’t just another coach and they were not just more clients. This was a FAMILY! A TEAM! Of like minded individuals who all cared about one another. Finally an experienced coach who cares! So badly I wanted to be part of that. That’s when I reached out to him and vomited my entire background to him.

Shawn wants his team to be able to feel and perform at their optimal level both physically and mentally. To ensure this he asked me to get blood work done. This would rule out if there were any underlying issues that were causing me to feel the way I was. He started me on a rest period and a gut healing phase. My next step was following up with my doctors on the plan I was following. They were thrilled I was choosing this route and said it was the best thing I could do for my health.

I am now on the way to optimal health. My hormones are being balanced and my gut is healing. I have never felt or looked better! In the short time I’ve been with Shawn he has done more for me than any of my coaches could do for me in years of being with them.

I not only found a coach who matches my energy, and wants for me what I want for me, I found an entire family who wants the same! He is EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted in a coach. He listens to understand, is extremely supportive, and compassionate. With him as my coach I feel heard and understood. I hit the jackpot along with the rest of our Savage family. This isn’t just some routine we follow, it’s a lifestyle.

He’s building something great here (to say the least) I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

Always Stay Savage And Never Average.

Kyle Hatch

Police Officer

My time with Savage Life....I'm not sure where to begin or how long this is supposed to be so fuck it, here we go. I'm writing this as if Shawn isn't reading it...

I'm almost 39 and I met Shawn a couple times through mutual friends back in my early 20s probably. I didn't KNOW him but knew who he was, it's Quincy and everyone tends to at least know who everyone is. We'd say hi, how are ya, good you, good. Cool bro good to see ya, etc and that was about it. Knowing what I know now and with 20/20 hindsight there was always something about that big mofo. It was like that was all that needed to be said. He was just a good ass dude. We didn't go through our partying phases at the same time so I never saw him "out" in that capacity so we never really hung out. Fast forward a decade plus.

My then GF and now wife stumbled across him on IG and they ended up talking and he became her coach for a bit. I vividly remember seeing the difference in her back in particular in photos that were 9 days apart. That's all I needed to see and I quickly jumped on the team as well. The diet was tough because I'd never eaten that much food before and the training was brutal. Fucking brutal. And it worked. I had been "coached" (LOL, bad experiences) before so following a program wasn't an issue and had decided by this point that I wanted to get on stage. We did two shows that were 6 weeks apart in the spring of 2022. Shawn and V were there for both of them the whole time. Prep went pretty smooth, I was peeled out of my mind but felt good and brought home some hardware. There's plenty of pics on our pages so I wont get into that boring stuff. Shawn knows his shit, plain and simple. He puts his athletes first because we're not just athletes to him. We aren't clients. We're not paychecks. We all become family. A lot of coaches in this fake ass industry claim that but it's bullshit. I'm grateful for what Shawn did for me as an athlete but that doesn't even scratch the surface. He literally changed the course of my life in the middle of all of this, and that is where the heart of my testimony comes from.

I'm not going to air all of my personal business on here for everyone but I'd have no problem with a one-on-one conversation with anyone struggling the way I was. It was the lowest point of my life, mistakes I made that I didn't think I could recover from. Several hours of conversation with Shawn and he completely changed my perspective on life, love, and true selflessness. It was a critical point in my life and the change I was able to make in part because of his guidance has gotten me to where I am today, which is the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Shawn isn't just a coach and Savage Life isn't just a brand name. He is a true brother who has a positive impact on every soul he touches. I literally owe what is now my life to Shawn, and for that he will always have my friendship and loyalty. If you're struggling, talk to Shawn. If you're not struggling, talk to Shawn. You will absolutely feel a positive presence and impact on your life. Savage Life goes way beyond fitness and bodybuilding. He's creating a culture of positivity and uplifting each other in a world of competition and I can't wait to see where he takes us next.

Elizabeth Dodd


Working with Shawn (Savage Life) has been absolutely incredible.  I have had this dream about competing in a bodybuilding competition for 7 years now and Shawn has helped make this dream come to reality.  I run my own business as a barber/cosmetologist so I'm a very busy lady, but balance is key to remain sane and focused. The past ninety days, Shawn has been there for me whenever I had a question or needed anything.  He tells it like it is and I appreciate that.  My body has changed so much in the past few months.  I feel leaner but my body weight remains the same.  I feel absolutely amazing and I don't have stomach issues anymore.  I feel very clean and healthy.  The workouts have been on point and I just love lifting all together.  Ten more weeks untill my first competition and I can't wait untill the day I step on stage.  I am only half way through my journey and I am very blessed to have Shawn in my corner seeing it through.  Shawn's work ethic and passion for this industry is amazing and I love that about him. With hard work and extreme focus I know I can soar through this adventure.  I am very excited about this chapter in my life and I couldn't do it without Shawn, Veronika, my family and my other supporters.  Nothing in life comes easy and if it's easy it's probably not worth it.

Stefan Lane

Tattoo Artist/Artist and a Father

I have struggled with weight loss my entire life, having tried multiple fad diets, exercise programs and diet pills I’ve come to the conclusion that most of it wasn’t sustainable. I decided to look for professional help! I’ve had multiple friends and clients who had great success and they all pointed me to Shawn at Savage Life.

When I approached Shawn about coaching me he didn’t just hand me a pre-made meal plan/workout packet and send me on my way, instead he took the time to assess all of my needs and goals so he could compose a custom workout/ meal plan tailored to my needs and schedule. His goal wasn’t just to get me into great shape but to also educate me on how I could maintain this on my own.

Fast forward 6 months and I’m in the best shape of my life! If you’re looking for that nudge towards a better you, let this be it!

Betsy Subatch

X Ray Technician

A little over a year and a half ago I stumbled upon Shawn's Instagram page and saw that he offered coaching. I was currently looking for a new coach and decided to reach out to him. Hands down one of the best decisions I have made. Shawn has been awesome to work with. And trust me, I am not always the easiest athlete to work with even though I am only a lifestyle athlete of his and not a competitor at least yet. He has been nothing but kind and patient with me during our time working together. But always knows when I need a push and tells me to get my shit together.

He has always been with working my program to fit my life instead of just a cookie cutter plan that is given to every athlete. He also uses my feedback every week and tweaks it if needed.

He has even been able to dig into and work on health issues that had not been addressed with my previous coaching experience. The health of his athletes is just as important as reaching the goals that we have set together.

It's absolutely obvious that he is not into coaching for just the money and genuinely cares about every single athlete on his roster.

I'm proud to be a part of the Savage family!!

Kyle Anderson

Vocalist Brand of Sacrifice and Shibori Threads Owner

Shawn is an incredible coach as well as a great person. Super positive, motivating and inspiring! He is so flexible when it comes to my crazy touring and makes sure to always fit me in. He pushes me harder towards my goals and tailors the program to my individual needs. I met Shawn through our love for music, and I'm so happy to be able to work together.  Shawn checks on me daily which makes me feel even more dialed in. The comfort level I have with him is so high because of his personality as well as his professionalism.  Very excited to continue to dig even deeper!

Sean Scott

Account Manager

My Savage Life journey has been incredible. It gave me a new foundation for getting back to a healthy and active life. Over the course of 9 months I lost over 50 lbs and gained muscle, stamina, and confidence. Even more importantly, to me, it turned a friend into a workout partner, accountability ally, and brother. It gave me new friends who I know consider family in Shawn and Veronika. Their dedication to my journey was unwavering. Shawn was always checking in to ensure the program was helping me reach my goals, and making adjustments where needed as the journey progressed. Veronika was constantly pushing me to get one more rep, helping me adjust my form to maximize effect and reduce risk of injury. 

Both were so encouraging and uplifting. Without those 3 people this journey might not have started let alone given me these incredible results.

David Mendenhall

Purple Heart army Ranger Veteran and a Father

I started working with Shawn and Veronika in late 2020. I was going through a rough spot in life and working out was my outlet. Shawn did my workout plan, meal plan and helped me pick the best supplements for myself. He made the workout plan super easy. The plan and system he uses allows you to just think about the workout alone. He makes sure you are staying on top of what you're supposed to do and changes up your workout plan at a dime if it isn't working. Through all of this, we became very close friends and I appreciate everything he has done and still does to this day for me. I also used them as personal trainers which is definitely an extra motivator