Bonds of Valor and the Echoes of Thunder
Shawn Lehner

Our lives are amongst chaos and uncertainty, so there's an undeniable need for support and belief. It's a journey where we navigate through challenges, seeking solace in the companionship of those who stand by us. As a man, I've come to realize the honor lies not only in receiving such support but in being the beacon of strength for others.

We live in a world where it's far too easy to tear each other down, where the norm often dictates a path of isolation rather than unity. Yet, it's in defiance of this norm that we find our true calling. Let us be the ones who lift each other up, who chase our dreams hand in hand, regardless of the odds stacked against us.

There's a passage from a previous post I wrote that resonates deeply with me, still capturing the essence of this journey. "If you are my Valkyrie sent to take me away, I will follow you across the 9 realms and into Eternity." These words encapsulate the unwavering commitment to stand by the side of someone whose strength and beauty surpasses all boundaries no matter the fate you shall succumb. As you fight through life, fight with good reason, with intent knowing you're doing it for those you love.

Reflecting on moments shared in this very photo, there's a sense of divine approval, as if the gods themselves orchestrated the events leading to this realization. This was a photo taken and it turned out to be a live photo that had lightning hit the moment I embraced my wife in congratulations of winning her show. So in honor of Thorrablot...amidst the symbolism of strength and protection, I found solace a time ago in wearing the symbol of Thor, Mjölnir forever on my right hand. It's more than just an accessory; it's a tangible reminder of the strength we carry within ourselves and the blessings we bestow upon others. On the same arm i also have his greatest adversary Jormungandr, but we will save this for another time, another look into my life's relevance with these two from whats known to me as Norse Culture and my deeper purpose of the two. Was there coincidence in the lighting striking the moment of embrace. No, there is no such thing. Significance. Yes, merely the way it was suppsosed to happen and supposed to be. (You can check out my personal IG for the Live Photo lightning stike if you want to see it.)

So in the midst of battles fought and storms weathered, there's a profound beauty in finding solace in the company of another. It's in those moments captured and not just in photos and the ones shared with others, its the very moment that you are living it.....that is the true essence of unity being revealed. For it's not merely about conquering the challenges before us but about embracing the journey together, hand in hand, towards eternity.

As I gaze upon the horizon as I write this, I'm reminded that even in darkness, there's beauty to be found. It's the beauty of companionship, of standing together against the odds, that illuminates the path forward. So let us journey through the realms, guided by the strength of our convictions and the unity of our spirits. Together, we can conquer anything and inspire others to do the same.

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