Change for Personal Growth‍
Veronika Lehner

The majority of people are creatures of habit. We enjoy having a structured schedule, and knowing what to expect on the daily. So what happens when an opportunity comes your way? What happens if this opportunity feels like taking two steps back to get that much farther ahead later on? Will you deny that opportunity to grow, or will you take on the challenge to unlock your potential?

Some of the hardest decisions I’ve made so far in my life provided the best and most rewarding gifts. One of the biggest changes I’ve made was moving across the country to be with the love of my life. As much as I could not wait to be with him, I was so scared. I was going without a real job lined up, and I didn’t really know anyone other than him. Changing time zones and the culture was entirely different compared to California. Despite the fear of change, I knew that not only would I be with him, but I knew deep down that this move would unravel a lot of opportunity for myself in the long run.

It was an absolute struggle at first. Finances were really tight. I remember crying a lot because I was absolutely terrified. I left the comfort of what I had known for so long for something that was completely different. Like anything else, we adapt under stress. It is no different than when you’re training in the gym. We apply stress to the areas we are working on to improve, and our bodies learn to adapt to said stress and to grow.

Things got easier. Even though the place I was at wasn’t where I wanted to be, it was a step needed to take on the next opportunities to follow. The mindset that I went in with on the daily was that every situation is temporary regardless. Do your very best, and eventually an opportunity that you’ve been looking for will appear. Over the course of the last several years with hard work and determination, everything began to fall into place. This is because of the mindset of taking on every opportunity that came into our lives. You won’t know until you make the jump and take the chance.

Could you imagine not taking the jump? Not taking on an opportunity that calls to you? Do you want to live your life in regret or “what ifs”? I know for myself I wouldn’t want to live like that.

Let’s say you go for this opportunity and it isn’t what you had expected it to be. That’s okay too, at least you tried. At least you gave it a chance, and you don’t have to ever have the regret of trying something new. Continue to strive for more. Continue to grow and put yourself in situations that aren’t comfortable.

As Shawn would say “if it scares the absolute shit out of you, that means you must go for it”.

Successful entrepreneurs also take risks. How do you think they became successful? It wasn’t from remaining in their comfort zone that’s for sure.

And what happens if you fail? If it doesn’t work out? Do you give up? Of course not! You work that much harder, get up and try again. You continue to show up and put in the work. You continue to push past your limits.

The takeaway from this is never ever turn away an opportunity that calls to you. Take the plunge and go for it. Impress and surprise yourself. Grow as a person and collect the knowledge from the experiences. Learn a new skill that you can apply to become a successful businessman/ woman.

What are you waiting for? Go for it!

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