Do You Fit Into a Division, or Does the Division Fit You? ‍
Veronika Lehner

When it comes to bodybuilding, we look at all of these divisions and how many incredible athletes there are in each of them. You’ve got a variety of different sizes in these divisions  to cater to various physique types. Are we trying to actually meet a criteria, or are we trying to seek what division meets our desires?

The sport is very subjective regardless. You could win at one show and place lower at another. However, if you are thinking about pursuing bodybuilding, have a goal in mind for yourself of what you desire to look like and work towards that. Take the equation of competing out and think about how you want to sculpt your body. Do you want bigger lats? Bigger shoulders? Bigger legs? Do you like how a certain division looks and aspire to achieve that look?

Put the work in on the daily and when it comes to competing and you’re ready to step on stage, decide from there what you would like to do and what is realistic for you. Genetics do play a part with certain things, but you can always continue to put in the work and constantly improve.

My own personal journey as of late has been me trying to figure out what division I want to pursue. I feel at this very moment, I don’t particularly fit in any division. Whatever I decide, I will have to put the work in for improvements, which is the fun part anyways. As much as I love the division that I competed in the last couple of years, I noticed that it’s only getting bigger and bigger. That’s to be expected in bodybuilding, but it comes down to how far I am willing to push it. If I can grow into that division with health being prioritized and minimal PED usage, then sure. But if not, I don’t see it personally worth it to me for the long term.

I’m super supportive of each and every athlete that absolutely crushes their prep, their shows and becomes the best of the best. I look up to those individuals, they are absolutely incredible! I have the utmost respect for that grind and love to watch them. I’m just not sure where I stand personally at this moment in time for my future goals.

This sport is you versus you regardless. It’s about making progress on your own physique each and every improvement season. That alone is a huge personal win. So when you are deciding on a division, don’t try to figure out necessarily what you fit in. Focus on your personal progress and continue to train for your desired look. When it comes to contest prep and wanting to do a show, based upon what you look like at that time would be the best bet on what division to do.

Enjoy the process as you do it. Do not let people get in your head. You do this for you because you enjoy it. You love to see what your body can do, what you are capable of doing. At the end of the day, you are already a winner by doing the entire prep and getting on that stage.

Push hard and be a true savage in and out of the gym!

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