Healing in Nature
Veronika Lehner

Here we are, in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hundreds of thousands of trees and wildlife. The trees are centuries old, encasing years of knowledge and wisdom. The mountains, so full of energy and life. The lakes, embodiments of natural nourishment and healing properties.

When was the last time you surrounded yourself in nature? Allowing it to encompass you, and the energies flow through you. Nature is extremely healing and refreshing. If you are going through transitional periods in your life, looking for answers or need a complete reset, allow nature to guide you. This is where grounding is so important. No, this doesn’t mean go sit on concrete outside… This means get barefoot, and sit in the dirt. Our Earth is full of energy, ready to be transmitted through you. Everything that we are, everything that surrounds us is energy.

Do you ever have days where you feel drained, burned out or that you can’t just seem to relax? Immerse yourself in flowing water after a long work day. That will allow for you to decompress and drain the energy you are holding onto. It will allow for you to cleanse and allow for a fresh clean slate to continue to help others. If you can submerge yourself in a natural body of flowing water, that’s phenomenal! If not, then even showering after a long day can be just as beneficial.

Nature offers us a plethora of healing properties. We just need to allow for ourselves to let go and just be. This doesn’t mean you need to do traditional meditation. This could mean going for a long walk amongst the trees, away from the concrete jungle of the city. Allow yourself to reflect, express gratitude, and focus on the present. I can guarantee you will feel so much more relaxed after doing so.

Start to make it a part of your daily routine to be in nature, even if it’s only for ten minutes. I know winter time can be hard for some with the extreme weather, but even ten minutes of walking or reflecting outside will do you a lot of good.

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