Life’s Various Seasons: Individual Evolution
Veronika Lehner

As we get older, we do evolve as individuals. Certain things that we once loved, we’ve moved away from. Things that we never had much interest in previously, we may grow more fond of.

Life has its seasons. It has its evolutionary periods. And this is completely normal and how life goes. Are you still friends with everyone that you were friends with in childhood? High School? College? Maybe a few still, or maybe none at all. We grow apart based upon what paths we go, or simply we just outgrow one another. Even the people that we are friends with at this very point in time, we may not be friends with them later on. Not saying a falling out would take place, but naturally we just start to go separate ways. The same thing can happen in romantic relationships, hobbies, or even our dreams.

This is very normal as we continue to elevate in life. For example, when I look back to when I was in elementary school, I had dreams of becoming an equine veterinarian. I have always loved horses and thought that would be the path I would pursue. That idea faded as I got older and started to expose myself to other avenues. Really trying to understand what my niche would be, my calling. This then turned into wanting to help others in some way. This is when I started to pursue a medical profession, and wanting to help others with their health.

Throughout grade school and college, I had met a lot of incredible individuals in which many of us did become friends and really connected. As we continued onward in our academics, we did slowly fade out. Nothing bad ever happened between us, we just went our separate ways. Life has its ways of reconnecting people as well. The universe is extremely interesting in the way that it works. I do believe that if someone is meant to be in your life, they will continue to be there. And I do believe that not all of us are meant to be friends or close for the long term too. You may have short term friends, long term friends, and life long friends that become like family.

The same goes for hobbies. For example, when I originally started bodybuilding, I wanted to do the bikini division. I liked the idea of being petite, but also wanted to have some muscle. I then started to want to build more muscle and wanted to be a figure/ wpd competitor. The idea of having a lot of muscle and standing out at the time was exciting to me. Fast forward to now, I don’t have as much interest in being as big as possible. Crazy. If you asked me 3 years ago if I was ever okay with not being a big b*tch, I would have asked you if you were out of your f-ing mind. Nowadays, I’m more interested in living a healthy and optimal life. I’m still a bodybuilder, but I have also evolved. My interests have shifted slightly. I love having muscle, but to be honest, at this point, I want to look like a Pixar mom/ street fighter character. Could this goal change? Absolutely it can! And that’s quite alright too!

Shifts happen in our lives, and again this is all completely normal and a part of human nature. As we get older, our priorities do change too, as well as our desires. It’s great to have goals! But don’t get down on yourself if you feel that you’re shifting gears and something that you once loved, you no longer love. Understand and know that there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is your life. You have the choice to do whatever you please with it. Don’t feel like you need to prove yourself to anyone. Follow your heart, allow change to occur, and live in every moment.

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