Taking Time for Yourself- The Importance of Disconnecting
Veronika Lehner

Have you ever found yourself getting so wrapped up in business, life, work, or just various tasks? Very common, and considerably normal in this day and age. We are congratulated, and recognized for over working versus taking time for ourselves.

With working so much, you begin to put your aspirations and goals on the back burner. You instead think about how much more money you can make if you sacrifice time here or there. In turn, that leads to depression, because you’re not making that time for yourself. You’re not indulging in hobbies you love, or just taking time to disconnect from everything.

Recently, I have found myself doing this. I absolutely love to work, I always have. My issue has been not taking time for myself as I had promised I would do. I specifically block times out of my day to take time to relax, or workout. Instead of doing that and giving myself time to focus on myself, I would busy up my schedule even more with errands, or immediately jump into another obligation that wasn’t even necessary. This led to me feeling stressed, irritable and overall not satisfied.

After taking some time to reflect, I am promising myself to take time for myself. To actually utilize my time away from work to do nice things. This includes of course indulging in the gym regularly again, but also bringing back a hobby I once spent so much time with, (stay tuned for future blogs on this!)

Again, this is so common amongst others too, which is why this topic is so important to cover.

If your desire is to be a successful businessman/ woman, you must take time to disconnect. It will actually improve your productivity to take a moment or two for yourself. Rediscover hobbies you once indulged in. Get back into doing things that bring you happiness.

Even if disconnecting for you means putting Netflix on and zoning out, go for it! This is either way a break from your nonstop cycle; a little reset for the day.

Get into nature and ground yourself. Take a moment to self-reflect, and meditate. Ask yourself, are you truly happy? Are you taking the necessary steps to achieve internal peace?

Once you’ve asked yourself those questions, ask yourself what you need to do to feel fulfilled. What is something that you love to do? What steps are needed to bring it back into your life?

Take the steps needed to bring joy back into your life. We only have this one life to live, and time goes so quickly.

Are you going to spend your entire life working yourself into the ground, or are you going to spend it actually living?

Disconnect. Be in the moment. Be human.

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