The Importance of Gut Health: The Answer to the Cure of Autoimmune Diseases
Veronika Lehner

When it comes to striving for a healthy life, we always think eating better, working out, hydrating and sleeping is what it means to be healthy. Of course, that also means having some moderation, which could mean indulging on the weekends. Have you ever thought about the actual state of your gut health though?

With how busy our lives are, we don’t really stop and think about topics such as this one. We think that as long as we are having a bowel movement of some sort that we should be fine. Well, then we start to experience symptoms such as nonstop lethargy/ fatigue, severe acne breakouts, hair loss, and/ or weight loss issues. Our first thought is to see our doctor and get lab work done.

The doctor will either tell you you’re fine or diagnose you with some autoimmune disease to give you some type of answer. If your concern has to do with acne, they either throw you on accutane, or for women, birth control. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is this really fixing the issue, or are they just trying to put a bandaid on an even bigger issue”?

Let’s say you have gut issue symptoms such as bloating, acid reflux, constipation/ diarrhea or food intolerances. A typical western medicine doctor will prescribe some sort of acid reducer, along with labeling you with some kind of issue, such as IBS or GERD,  that they consider something you’re just stuck with for the rest of your life. If this sounds familiar, you’re about to be mind blown.

What if I told you that these autoimmune diseases could actually be cured? The fact that you don’t have to live a life of feeling miserable everyday. How you actually do not have to avoid certain foods, and that food allergies actually aren’t real. What if I told you that issues such as IBS, GERD, etc, can be alleviated/ cured as well?

All of these issues are actually very curable when you fix the gut. However, in order to get this process started, you have to venture out and consider going to someone that practices Functional Medicine versus Western Medicine. Functional Medicine’s main focus is to actually cure people and prevent diseases from taking place by fixing imbalances that are found in lab work. Western Medicine’s main focus is to actually keep people sick or provide temporary relief that actually can make matters worse. This is because if no one was actually sick, big pharma would actually lose large amounts of profit. They make money from us being sick/ suboptimal.

In Functional Medicine, we are looking at lab work to determine what we have going on. This will typically start with blood work. If labs come back with various markers being off, in addition to various symptoms, that is when a GI Map is then considered. A GI Map is an amazing tool to see what is exactly going on within the gut. This can help us figure out the root cause of dysfunction, thus, eradicating any overgrowths/ presences found that are wreaking havoc on the body.

When the gut is fixed, not only do individuals feel a lot better, but everything heals. People who once were labeled with Hashimoto’s or Lupus suddenly do not have symptoms and no longer have those autoimmune diseases. Gut issue symptoms go away and digestion is greatly improved. Blood work comes back and hormones are in healthy ranges. Weight loss becomes much easier, building muscle becomes easier. You no longer suffer from anxiety and/ or depression.

Everything is linked to the gut. Everything is metabolized and processed in our guts. So when we see suboptimal hormones, when someone is experiencing depression/ anxiety, labeled with various autoimmune diseases, PCOS, and/ or experience gut issue symptoms, the gut is where to look and venture into.

Not one individual has ever been disappointed with getting their gut health in check. If you are ready to embark on this journey, I say go for it! I can tell you from personal experience, I am feeling so much better and seeing so many changes occurring. It’s well worth it, in addition to preventing serious issues later on.

Need a recommendation on how to go about getting your gut health journey started? Head over to Ryze HRT where we specialize in Functional Medicine. Simply just fill out the Get Started and Medical Form, and we will help you achieve optimal health. Let them know Savage sent you!

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