The Importance of Introspection
Veronika Lehner

Introspection is an extremely important process that one should take time to do in order to evolve into not only a deeper level of thinking, but a better understanding for oneself.

Oftentimes, we get so busy and wrapped up about everything else going on around us. This can lead to feeling stressed, overwhelmed and even burned out. Society has driven us farther away from ourselves by creating constant distractions, as well as promoting dysfunctional behaviors. When was the last time you actually sat down and meditated in complete silence? When was the last time you journaled and gave yourself time to reflect on life?

If the answer is you don’t know, or never, it would probably be an amazing and refreshing endeavor to experience! Being introspective can teach you a lot about yourself and help you overcome obstacles. This is especially great to do when you feel that you’ve hit a mental roadblock. This is also an incredible exercise to implement if you are currently trying to heal from past traumas and work on yourself to break the cycle of generational dysfunction.

The question that comes to mind then is, how do I get started? What are the next steps that I can do to jump into this and start to have a better understanding of myself, as well as others around me? Journaling is one way to be introspective. Writing/ journaling can be extremely therapeutic, and it allows you to really process the situation you may be facing or in. This allows you to really reflect and process various things that may have been said, and further your knowledge on why it may have made you feel a certain way.

Meditating is another great example of introspect. Mediation doesn’t always mean sitting peacefully sitting with your legs crossed. Meditation is different for everyone. Meditation can be walking in a park and being surrounded by nature. It can be listening to music while driving on a backroad. For myself, I find peace while riding my horse and can actually take a moment to reflect on everything else going on and come back from a ride extremely refreshed.

Even reading books that you can relate to can be introspective. They can spark perspectives and discussion to which could be used to be more analytical with why you think about certain things the way you do.

Have you ever felt that you have a hard time getting along with a family member? Or maybe you’re having a hard time connecting with your child, or your significant other? These are great moments to also take time to self reflect and introspect. Maybe you have open wounds that need healed. Introspect will allow you to really look in and give you reason as to maybe why people have distanced themselves from you. The beautiful thing is that a lot of relationships with family or friends can be rekindled when you take the time to heal yourself. You have to be open with doing the work and developing that relationship with yourself to do so. It isn’t easy, and at times, it can even be painful. I can guarantee that you will live a more prosperous and fulfilling life though.

Take time to journal, to meditate or even just alone time for yourself. Disconnect from everything and everyone around you and allow yourself to reconnect with yourself. Just take even five minutes to do so.

The answers that you seek are directly in front of you, it’s just a matter of getting past those mental roadblocks.

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