The Warrior's Promise: An Eternal Love in a Temporary World
Shawn Lehner

Over the course of many lives, I have had vivid visions, dreams, and premonitions of a past life where I was a fierce warrior, fighting in countless battles and facing even my own father on the battlefield. Our differences and conflicts were many, but as we aged and gained wisdom, we put them aside and formed a bond of understanding.Despite the violence and turmoil of war, I always had one constant - a woman of grace, compassion, and strength, who tended to my wounds and lifted my spirits every time I returned home. Her touch was as gentle as a whisper and her voice was as sweet as a song. She was my rock, my foundation, and my reason for living.

This woman was not just my wife, but my partner in every sense of the word. She was the one who took care of our family and tended to my wounds, who stood by me through every battle and raised our children with unwavering devotion. She was fierce, yet loving, and I did all in my power to protect her, shielding her from harm and injury, so that she might remain pure and unscathed. For she was my rose, my love, and the embodiment of all that was good and true in this world.

In that life, I died not on the battlefield, but in defense of what I believed in. I returned to our encampment to find it under attack, and I charged into the fray with a fierce, blinding blood rage, determined to protect my wife and children at any cost. This day will remain etched into my memories forever and the lives to come. The enemy had ventured to kill my kin, and my wife, but she stood firm protecting our children with all the power and ferocity she possessed herself. I fought with all the strength and skill I had honed through years of war, battling the enemy with a ferocity that inspired fear and awe in all who witnessed it. In the end, they were defeated, however….I fell, succumbing to my wounds, but not before I had served my purpose. The purpose is driven by a single goal;to protect my family at all costs. My love for my wife fueled me, and in the end, I fell, but not before I had defended the ones I loved, what I stood for and everything I believed in.

Despite my soon inevitable death, my legacy lived on. I had built an empire, fought with my brothers and tribe, raised my children with honor and shown them true sacrifice. I did not fear death, for I knew that life was fleeting and that we must make the most of the time we are given. And through it all, my love for her never faded, for she was my rose - pure, unbroken, and shining with a light all her own. As I lay dying, I whispered my final words to her, thanking her for the life we shared and the family we raised, and asking her to raise our son to be gentle enough to pick a rose without damaging the petals, but strong enough to grip it by the thorns when danger threatens. I asked her to raise our daughter in the same way, to follow in her mother's footsteps and to become a woman of grace, compassion, and strength. I told her to remember that fear only holds us back from true greatness, and that it is only man who fears himself.

Then with my final breath, I promised to find her again in the next life, for I would never let her go. For she was my rose, my love, and the legacy of a life well lived. And even now, as I look back on that life with fondness and reverence, I know that our love will endure, transcending time and space, and guiding us back to each other in the lives to come..

The moral of the story is that love is eternal and transcends all boundaries, including life and death. A man's love for his wife should be unwavering and it inspires him to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect her and their family. True love has the power to endure any obstacle and conquer even death. With an unwavering devotion to one's wife, and her love for him, it serves as a shining example of the beauty and power of true love, inspiring bravery and selflessness to protect those we hold dear. A man should value her strength, grace, and compassion and want his children to embody these qualities as well in knowing that these qualities will shape their lives for the better. We should believe that life is fleeting and that we must make the most of the time we have, and be willing to fight for what we believe in and what we love. The love between a man and his wife is a symbol of a life well lived, and a reminder of the importance of love, devotion, and sacrifice.

Veronika, you are my rose, and I will always love you until death takes me. Even after our time together in this temporary world it will continue on endlessly. 

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