Trauma and PTSD: What You Can Do To Overcome It‍
Veronika Lehner

So much is discussed about how physically taking care of our bodies promotes a long healthy life. You always hear eating healthy, and daily exercise are the keys to longevity. While this is very true, what about our mental health? Exercise and healthy dietary habits to help with mental health, but there’s more to it.

Are you someone who suffers from anxiety from past traumas? Do you suffer from PTSD? This can significantly impact your physical health, despite being on point with your nutrition and exercise.

PTSD is an entity within itself. I’ve realized over the years how much my own PTSD has actually negatively impacted my health, not to mention how much more anxiety it breeds if I allow it to. It’s no secret that I have been through some crazy past events in my life. I’ve actually touched on this in a previous blog. Despite that being in my past, I still suffer from the impact it had on me. Truthfully, it’s because I’m allowing it to.

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I experience self-induced stress on a daily basis. I constantly overthink, and fear losing things that mean so much to me. This includes the fear of losing the man I love, losing my dream job, failing at my own business and failing others that look to me for guidance. I spend so much energy fearing things that aren’t even happening. That won’t even happen. This stems from PTSD, and the unresolved abandonment issues.

What kind of a life is this? Living in fear of everything going wrong. This isn’t the life to live. I know it’s easier said than done, and anyone who experiences PTSD knows how difficult it is to come out of what feels like a downward spiral.

Living like this will cause significant health issues. Even though you have a great sleep schedule, a great diet, workout daily, etc, you can’t outwork your mental health. I know many people who use the gym as an escape from their demons. While the gym has so many benefits, running from your issues is temporary. You will have to face them and do the work to overcome them.

So, what can you do to work on your mental health?

Self help books can definitely work. They allow you to reflect on various aspects of your life.

Finding a therapist that is a good fit for you can help tremendously too. Sometimes we need someone who isn’t romantically or emotionally involved with us to talk to. They can help provide guidance in what you can do for yourself.

Journaling/ blogging helps a lot as well *wink wink*. This allows you to talk openly and freely to yourself and others if you choose to publish it. Sometimes just writing it out and seeing it on paper helps with facing those demons.

Shadow work is one of the best exercises you can do too. This one can be extremely difficult, because it will involve looking into yourself and speaking to your inner child. That inner child (you) that faced the traumatic events, that had to learn to survive. Writing a letter to your inner child is by far one of the hardest things, but also one of the most beautiful things you can do. It allows you to release emotions that have been buried deep down.

Meditating is also a great form of reflection and healing. Similar to shadow work, it allows you to really hone in on yourself. Even just allowing yourself 10 minutes of zero distractions to meditate can make a huge difference.

I know that we live in a chaotic world. A very fast paced one at that too. We try so hard to find distractions to try and not think about anything.

Make the time in your day on the daily to reflect. Unplug from the world for a moment. Think about all of the beautiful things you have. The beautiful friendships and relationships you’ve cultivated. Remind that inner child that he/she is safe, secure, and protected. Speak to yourself kindly, and with respect. Forgive, and take it easy on yourself.

The world is going to be hard on you, why should you also be hard on yourself? Give yourself grace. Remind yourself of how amazing you are. How powerful you are.

Breathe. Be in the moment. Allow thyself to grow.

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